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I am excited to have the opportunity to provide your school with fine art school portraits and can’t wait to see all of your children again this year!

I will be at the school to photograph your children right after the fall holidays from Oct. 17th – 26th 2022

As some of you already know… my approach differs completely from traditional school portraiture, as I not only want to give you a personal and simple (all online) experience, but also high end and timeless memories that will last for decades.

Below I have gathered some valuable information for you regarding photo day and the registration process.

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Quick overview

Step 01

Register your Child for photo day via the form below. Please bear in mind, that individual portraits will only be captured from registered children.

Step 02

Photo day: I will come to the school and photograph your child(ren). You will receive an eMail with the exact date, when your child will be photographed

Step 03

Approximately 2 weeks after the photo days you will receive an eMail with the link to your gallery where you can view the portraits and order a package.




Please fill out the  form below to register your child(ren) for photo day. Please keep in mind that I can only take individual portraits of registered children.

You will receive a confirmation eMail from me at in the next 48 hours.  If you have not received the eMail by then please do contact me directly at:



Please contact me via eMail.



Fine Art School Portraits

My goal is to capture genuine and timeless portraits of your child, instead of impersonal pictures with forced smiles.

To do so I will photograph your child in an authentic and natural way using a plain black background. I provide a fun experience and create an environment where your child can relax and be itself: sometimes serious, sometimes with a big smile, pensive or funny.

You will receive a gallery filled with 2-5 images reflecting your child’s unique personality and not just one pre- selected portrait. From the gallery you are free to order the pictures you like best to print and/ or download.



Wardrobe + Styling Tips

By carefully selecting the outfit for your child you can influence the outcome of the images in a major way. Here are some tips, that guarantee timeless and authentic portraits:

Colors: Solid colors in neutral shades are best. Avoid neon and dark (dark blue/ black) colors.

Stay timeless by avoiding logos, words and large graphics (eg. comic figures), all of those will date the images quickly.

Comfortable: Have your child wear something it feels comfortable in. It should be able to move around freely and feel good.

Temporary Tattoos: Remove any temporary tattoos from your kids hands, arms, legs…

Spare Outfit: For the very little ones it might be a good idea to bring along a  a spare outfit.

Teenager: Teenagers should steer clear of to much make- up. Sportwear, hats, caps and sunglasses should be avoided. Best is to dress in neutral and comfortable every day pieces.




How much is photo day?


Photo day is free for all registered children and nothing is due upfront.

As soon as you have viewed your online gallery you will have the possibility to place an order for digital files and print products. I offer 3 different packages, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that suits best your needs.


What should my child wear?


Please avoid graphics or neon clothing. Solid colors are best. Please contact Alex Elaine Photography if you have any questions.


Can I order print items and digital files?


I provide boutique product choices such as fine art prints, canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing and archiving. After viewing your online gallery you can choose among 3 packages the one that suits you best.


When and how will we receive our images?


Please find detailed information regarding the online gallery and ordering process bellow.

Within two weeks of your child’s photo day, you will be e-mailed the link to a online gallery. There will be 2-5 images of each child. Images will be in both color and black and white. I do not choose which photos you print; you do.


Will you publish the images on the internet?


THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT: I will not publish a single image on the public internet without your written consent.

You will receive the images in a password protected online gallery, which only you (and the photographer) can access, unless you share the link with someone else.


Whats next?


Please register your child in the next 2-3 days. The registration form can be found here on this page!

On photo day I will come to the school and take pictures of your child.

Around 14 days after photo day you will receive an email from me with the link to your personal online gallery.


Please contact me if you have any further questions- I am happy to help.


How to view and order your images

As soon as your images are ready to be viewed you will receive the link to your personal gallery by eMail. In the gallery you have the possibility to view the portraits and order a package.


Basic Package

This Package includes:
1 high resolution digital file and a CHF 10 in gift credit good toward your choice of anything in the gallery store.

CHF 45

Standard Package

This Package includes:
3 high resolution digital files and a CHF 60 in gift credit good toward your choice of anything in the gallery store.

CHF 140

Premium Package

This Package includes:
ALL the high resolution digital files from your gallery and a CHF 120 in gift credit good toward your choice of anything in the gallery store.

CHF 220


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