Everyone has unique needs and every session is different to adapt those needs. Your session could go in one of the following directions:


Storytelling Sessions

Maternity | Newborn | Mother and child | Families

The connection between mother and child. The beauty of an expecting mother. The first fleeting moments in the life of your latest love. Moments of love and connection in your family. Motherhood in all its ways, real, raw and authentic.


Minimalist | from EUR 420*

This session is 30 minutes in length and and will take place on an outdoor location suggested by the photographer. Includes 10 hand-edited digital files delivered via private online gallery with downloading capabilities. Additional digital files or prints/products may be purchased.

Story of Motherhood | from EUR 700*

Story of Motherhood Sessions can take place on an outdoor location or in your own home/ place of birth. The sessions are 1 - 1.5 hours in length. Includes 30+ edited digital images delivered via private online gallery with downloading capabilities.

Motherhood Journey | from EUR 1’220*

Motherhood as it begins… Includes a 30 minute maternity session, taking place on an outdoor location suggested by the photographer plus a newborn session in the comfort of your own home/ place of birth, lasting for about 1.5 hours. You will receive 40+ hand- edited digital images delivered via private online gallery with downloading capabilities.


All sessions include the personalized photoshooting at an outdoor location or in your own home. Creative planning and direction of the session. Before the actual photo shooting we will do a pre- consultation and you will provided with a questionnaire in order to customize your session according to your needs. I will help you choose your outfits and you will have access to my client wardrobe. Together we will decide upon the perfect location for your session. After the session I will assist you in choosing your heirloom print products, like professional quality prints, beautiful wallart or high- end albums.

I would be more than happy to walk you through the different options and together, we can determine which session suits your needs and vision best. 

On request


Portrait Session

Portraits of Women | Mother and Child

Artistic Portraits- a session just for yourself. Giving yourself permission to truly be seen: Women, Mother, Lover, …

Goal of this session is a single artistic portrait of you (and your child). We want to capture the essence of your personality.

“When you photograph a face you photograph the soul behind it ”
— Jean- Luc Godard

Love Story - Storytelling Session

Engagement | Elopement | The morning after | intimate couples session

The love you have for each other. Capturing the story of love. Celebrating your love and this moment in your live.

*excl. MwSt/ travelfees might apply


What to expect from your Session

I believe that choosing a photographer is a personal decision. You and me - we have to be a good fit, so that you feel comfortable working with me from start to finish. I want you to be sure the experience and the images I am going to give to you are exactly what you envision for yourself. For this, I urge you to ask yourself these questions before going any further:

  1. What inspires my that I love?What does beauty mean for me?

  2. Do I value autheticity and truth? Do I want images that document more than the way I look, but capture my personality and my feelings in an intimate and raw way?

  3. Is Storytelling photography a style that resonates with me? Can I see myself and the ones I love in these pictures?

  4. What do I expect to be delivered with - not only during my photography session, but also pre and post session? What do I want to take home from the session?

It is important for me, to let you know that I will invest myself and my art and skills completely into your session. I will offer you my time, patience and gentle approach so that you will barely notice the camera.

I promise you this:

I will be there for you and capture you just the way you are- your happiness, your wonder, your doubts, your sadness, your devotion and love. Nothing more or less, than this.

I won’t hold any expectations of you, your kids or partner. I will never force you to smile, when you are not feeling it. I will Not try to make you look perfect and will not hide who you are.

With my images I will tell your story and capture your unique journey through motherhood and all those moments that fill our hearts and life with marvel and joy.

One last question: Do you believe that our values and expectations align, so that you can give me your trust and we can cohesively work together towards the dame goal - to make pictures that tell your story and celebrate this moment in your life in a beautiful and authentic way? If the answer is YES, I cannot wait to hear from you!


Your Questions

What will my session be like?  My sessions are very free-spirited and laid back. I will guide you through the photoshoot and find the most beautiful light. I will take care of everything and capture all those precious moments for you. I want theses moments to be authentic and raw, and this is why I do things differently... I will not force you into stiff poses or false smiles. All I want you to do is be in this very moment withe each other…r. 

Where and when will my session take place? Your session can take place outdoors or in your own home. I will give you a choice of locations and together we will decide upon the perfect location for you. Depending on the choosen location, sessions will be at specific times of the day, as I will only use natural light. Outdoor locations will take place 1 hour before sunset/ sunrise.

At what age will my newborn baby be photographed? Ideally your newborn session will take place within the first 6 weeks of live, in the comfort of your own home.

When should I do a maternity session? Maternity sessions are best done after the 30th week of your pregnancy.

We are getting married- can you shoot our wedding? I do not photograph traditional weddings or other events. But I am most happy to do your engagement session, elopement or day after wedding photos. Please send me an email, so we can discuss options.

What should we wear?  I will assist you in choosing the perfect outfits for your session. I also offer a selection of my favorite dresses for you to choose from in my client wardrobe.

When and how will I receive my images? You will receive your images around 4 weeks after the session. I will deliver them to you via a private online gallery, so you will be able to download them immediately.

How do you select the images for our online gallery? I will look at each image I have captured during the session and carefully select the ones that represent you in the most authentic way, as well as holding up to my artistic demands. 

Do you offer additional products, e.g. albums or prints?  I do offer different album and wall art options. All my print products are made from high-end materials to ensure outstanding quality.