The Experience

What you can expect from your session

I believe that choosing a photographer is a personal decision. You and me - we have to be a good fit, so that you feel comfortable working with me from start to finish. For this, I want you to be sure the experience and the images I am going to give to you are exactly what you envision for yourself.


My promise

I will NOT pose you. I will NOT force you to smile. I will NOT try to make you look perfect and will NOT hide who you are. If you are looking for these kind of images we might not be the best fit…

I promise: I will be there for you and capture you just the way you are- your happiness, your wonder, your doubts, your sadness, your devotion and love. Nothing more or less, than this.


My style…

… has to resonate with you. Intimate portraiture is not for everyone: It’s not about perfection, but about truth. It’s not about the look, but about the feel. It’s not meant to merely document the way you look, but to capture this moment in your live and your unique journey through motherhood and all those moments that fill our hearts and life with marvel and joy..


Creating a piece of art

I am not your average portrait photographer, but an artist making photographs. My goal is to create something tangible for you- a piece of art that you can touch and feel and not just some data on a hard drive.

The images we will create together are made for print and most of my clients order at least one album and/or wall art to take away something tangible from the session.. Yes, I will give you the digital files, so that you can share the pictures with your friends and family, but ultimately I want you to have an album or wall art to take home from your session, that can be passed down for generations.


If you are just shopping around, looking for the cheapest option to have a coupe of picture snapped I might not be right for you… because there is so much more I want you to take home from your Session…

My Service

From the moment you inquire to the day your album or wall art is delivered to you I am here for you guiding your through the process and helping you to make the best decisions for your session. This includes:

  • Offering a smooth and easy process from start to finish

  • Helping you to choose the right kind of session for your needs

  • Giving you a choice of beautiful locations to shoot your session at

  • Assisting you to choose the outfit for the session and providing you with a wide choice of beautiful dresses from my client wardrobe, if needed.

  • Creating a unique stress-free session experience for you and everyone around you

  • Giving you memories you can look back at and feeling good.

  • Giving you the possibility to order one of a kind high end products, that can be passed down for generations.