"I will capture just you being yourself: as a mother, a lover, a friend. Bring along your babies, your soulmate or just come on your own. Together we will turn this moment of your life into art and tangible memories."

Me + My Why

I am Alex Elaine, photographer to free-spirited mothers.

I live to create images that make you stop, and feel the moment. I am capturing your journey through motherhood, telling your unique story through genuine and heartfelt imagery.

There are many reasons why I love what I do... but mostly because I want to capture the essence of who you really are, showing your beauty and strength, giving you tangible memories of the love that surrounds you and the mother that you are right now.

I believe in love and family, joy and kindness, in being mindful, patient and determinated to be the best version of ourselves as human beings. I love my garden, the wild chaos of our home and all of those mundane moments, which put together, make up our live.